Monday, January 14, 2013

Kett Fixx Crème Foundation - first impression

A little background info for those who might be interested:
My skin has pink undertones and some redness, but I always go for a neutral and/or more yellow toned foundation because I want my foundation to counteract that redness and give me more neutral toned skin. It's just what I prefer. I also find that my body is a tiny bit darker than my face and neck are naturally, which is why my face might look a little darker once I've applied my makeup. I want all of my skin to be the same color, and I find it easier to darken up my face and neck ever so slightly than to make my body lighter. 

I've been wanting to try the Kett Fixx Crème Foundation for ages (ever since I first heard gossmakeupartist rave about it). I finally ordered it in the shade N1 from However, N1 was a tiny bit too light on its own, so I bought N3 as well. (N3 is the next shade; they don't do an N2). I chose to buy the refill pans because they're cheaper and I keep them in this cute leopard Z Palette

The lovely gossmakeupartist has also taught me that most foundations we hear about (both drugstore and high end) only contain 12 - 20% pigment, whereas foundations by brands that are geared towards professional makeup artists often contain 50+ % pigment. Kett Fixx Crème is one example of a 50+% pigment foundation, and that's the main reason why I was so excited to try it. I mean, 50% is a lot more than 12 - 20%. And more pigment means you'll need less product to get good coverage. 

I can tell you right now that you only need a tiny amount of this foundation to get great coverage! I applied it all over my face using my sigma F82 round top kabuki brush, and then used my fingers to apply a little bit more over my blemishes and scars. I didn't use any other products. I also didn't do anything to these pictures, except crop them. (I used the same lighting as well... pehaps I'm sitting a little closer to the light in the first picture though? The second one looks a bit darker to me. Oh well, it's as close as I could get it.)

Click on the picture too view it in full size

I can honestly say that my first impression of this foundation is amazing! It was so easy to apply and to blend, and the coverage is amazing. Especially considering that I only used a little. I could easily have built up the coverage by adding more, but I didn't feel the need to do that. I absolutely love the finish of it! It looks nice and dewy on my skin. I will need to powder my t-zone though, but I always use powder so that's not a big deal. I can tell that these little pans will last a long time.

I will do a full review once I've worn it enough to really form an opinion about it. I have a feeling that I'm really gonna like this foundation... ;)


  1. It looks so nice! I'd love to see a full review :)

  2. WOW! this looks incredible! I will definitely look into this foundation, it's gorgeous. Looking forward to a full review.
    Had no idea about the pigment thing either, good to know now!


  3. Have you tried this out more now? What do you think of it? I have the N3 shade but I think it's very yellow/orange and will not look to great on my pale skin :-) But I find it to be very beautiful on the skin.

    1. Hej! (Jag klickade in på din blogg och såg att du också är svensk :) Ja jag har faktiskt använt den en hel del, och jag älskar den! Håller med om att N3 är rätt rejält gul, jag skulle inte kunna ha den på egen hand. Men när jag blandar ca60-70% N1 och ca30-40% N3 så tycker jag att det gula i N3 dämpar det röda i min hud väldigt bra (vilket jag gillar). Ja visst är den fin på huden? Jättefin finish verkligen... visste att Goss skulle ha rätt hehe ;)

    2. Nä men jaså är du svensk ;-) Jag har beställt R3 nu och den funkar perfekt för mig! Den är mörkare än N1 men mer neutral i tonen och inte lika mörk som N3. Den är fantastisk! Enda nackdelen är att jag blir lite blank i hyn av den men det blir jag av alla foundations.