Saturday, June 30, 2012

Step-by-step: Light blue & bronze!

I like it when other bloggers do step-by-step tutorials, so I thought I'd do more of them. Let me know if you like them :)

All the eyeshadows I used for this look are by Tick:Tock Cosmetics

So, let's get started!

1. I primed my lid with UDPP, placed a piece of tape from the outer corner of my eye to the end of my eyebrow, and applied a little bit of Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy to my lid and crease:

2. I patted on the first eyeshadow, Run Run Rudolph (LE), to the outer third of my lid and to my crease:

3. I placed my second eyeshadow, Jack Frost (LE), on the middle third or my lid:

4. I placed my third eyeshadow, Frozen in Time, on the inner third or my lid:

5. I blended the colors together:

6. I used another eyeshadow, Brit's First Time, to blend out the crease color. I removed the first piece of tape and placed a new piece a little bit below the first one. I filled in the area between the tape and Run Run Rudolph with a green eyeshadow called O, Christmas Tree (LE). I applied the green eyeshadow with a damp brush because I wanted maximum color payoff: 

7. I lined the rest of my lower lash line with Frozen in Time, also applied with a damp brush:

8. I lined my upper lash line with a combination of black eyeliner and eyeshadow:

9. I curled my lashes, applied some of my W7 Oh So Waterproof mascara and some false lashes by Ardell (no.305). I also lined my waterline with my NYX eye pencil in Emerald City:

The finished look!

You can see the sparkle better in this picture...

♥ NYX HD foundation
♥ MAC Studio Finish concealer
♥ BFTE custom blend mineral foundation
♥ Milani Powder Bronzer in #00 Radiant
♥ Physicians Formula Matchmaker pH Powered Blush in Natural

♥ e.l.f. lip pencil in Natural Blush
♥ MAC lipstick in Hue
♥ Sweet Treat Cosmetics lipgloss in Candy Corn (LE)

I ♥ Fyrinnae

Products used:

♥ Urban Decay Primer Potion
♥ Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
♥ Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Rapunzel Had Extensions (inner third of lid + under eye)
♥ Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Space Kitty (middle third of lid + under eye)
♥ Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Picture it: Sicily (outer third of lid)
♥ Bond Street Cosmetics liquid eyeliner (upper lash line)
♥ W7 Automatic eyeliner pencil (waterline)
♥ W7 Oh So Waterproof mascara
♥ Ardell false lashes no.305

♥ e.l.f. lip pencil in Natural Blush (all over, as a base)
♥ Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Temper (a very thin layer)

♥ NYX HD foundation
♥ MAC Studio Finish concealer
♥ BFTE custom blend mineral foundation
♥ Milani Powder Bronzer in #00 Radiant
♥ MAC blush in Melba

Monday, June 25, 2012

Please help me!

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This is my picture:

How to vote for me:

♥ Go to their facebook fanpage:
♥ You will find my contest entry to the right on the page, under "Recent Posts by Others on"
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Please please please go like my picture ♥

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Midsummer makeup look using Tick:Tock Cosmetics!

Yesterday was a day full of reasons to celebrate! It was Midsummer, which we celebrate here in Sweden (and in some other countries too), and it was also my mom's birthday ♥

I used some of my favorite eyeshadows by Tick:Tock Cosmetics for this look. I'm really into yellows and oranges right now... well, I'm always into those colors, but I think they look extra nice in sunny summer weather!

Products used:

♥ Urban Decay Primer Potion
♥ Tick:Tock Cosmetics Infinity eyeshadow base in Milky Way
♥ Tick:Tock Cosmetics eyeshadow in Sundial
♥ Tick:Tock Cosmetics eyeshadow in Hourglass 
♥ Tick:Tock Cosmetics eyeshadow in Run Run Rudolph (LE from their Christmas collection)
Beauty UK Pearl Eye Liner in Rich Mahogany

♥ Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Romantique

Friday, June 22, 2012

I ♥ nail art!

This manicure is so me! A muted, dark purple base with a glittery purple stripe and some golden tape ♥

It took me ages to do this design, but it was so worth it! I'm in love with the result...

Products used:
♥ Seche Base ridge filling base coat
♥ Claudia nail polish in Purple Like Me
♥ Claudia nail polish in Sparkling Purple
♥ Golden nail art striping tape (purchased here)
♥ Seche Vite dry fast top coat
♥ MNY by Maybelline New York nail care Drying Effect

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heart Breaker

This look was inspired by Sugarpill's new Heart Breaker palette. I don't own that palette (yet), but I just love the shadows in it... 

Products used:

♥ W7 Prime Magic Eye Primer
♥ Tick:Tock Infinity Eyeshadow Base in Milky Way
♥ Several eyeshadows from my two Manly palettes
♥ Sugarpill eyeshadow in Tako
♥ Bond Street Cosmetics liquid eyeliner 
♥ Covergirl LashPerfection mascara
♥ Covergirl Perfect Point Plus eyeliner pencil in Black Onyx
♥ Jelly Pong Pong Eyelash Extensions 024
♥ Anastasia brow pencil in Ash Blonde/Taupe
♥ MAC eyeshadow in Omega (brows)

♥ Tick:Tock Infinity Eyeshadow Base in Milky Way
♥ NYX eye pencil in Emerald City
♥ Madison Street Beauty eyeshadow in Enchanted Forest mixed with The All Natural Face Fix-It

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super affordable makeup haul! W7 from East End Cosmetics

Some of you may already know that I buy almost all my drugstore makeup from East End Cosmetics. I'm familiar with most of the brands they sell, but one brand I didn't recognize was W7. I had never even heard of it before, which I thought was strange... I mean, I've heard of most makeup brands even if I haven't tried them. 

Anyway, I was on the hunt for a good mascara, and I decided to try their Flirty Eyes mascara, mostly because it's cheap but also because I really like the packaging. So, I bought it, tried it, and guess what? It's the best mascara I've ever tried! And I've tried a lot of mascaras... I've pretty much tried everything from Dior's and LancĂ´me's best sellers to Maybelline Great Lash. And let me tell you, this beats Diorshow in a heartbeat. 

I've used the W7 Flirty Eyes mascara almost every time I've done my makeup since January. During this time, I got more and more interested in the brand, and I recently decided to try some more of their products. I placed an order with East End Cosmetics last week, and the package arrived yesterday. I haven't had the time to try all of the products yet, but I thought I'd show you what I got:

Doesn't this remind you of Benefit's Dandelion? ;)

This reminds me of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Radiant Blush, although the packaging is different...

W7 Matte Shadow Perfection in Caramel (left) and Tawny (right) (£1.34 each)

Tawny (right) happens to be a perfect dupe for MAC's Omega, which I always use to fill in my brows

Compared to MAC eyeshadows, these W7 ones are huge! 1.5g vs 3.5g

Both Caramel and Tawny are very well pigmented. However, only Tawny is completely matte. Caramel has a slight sheen to it. Not that I mind, but I thought I'd mention it since they are supposed to be matte.

This glitter gel is amazing! It's so sparkly and pretty, easy to apply, and surprisingly enough it's rub proof. Once it has dried, the glitter is not going anywhere. Also, the tube contains a very generous amount of product: 12g (approx. 0.4oz). Let's just say that I won't run out of this any time soon ;)

The primer appears white but goes on very sheer

I do have a little complaint about this order - I ordered the Celebrity Secrets Eye Palette in 02 (brown shadows), but they sent me 01 (gray shadows). I've sent them an email about it, and I hope they'll send me the right product as soon as possible. Naturally, I want the palette I ordered and paid for. This looks really nice as well though, don't you think?

I bought this makeup at:
♥ Delivery within the UK is £1.95
♥ Delivery within Europe is £2.70
♥ Delivery to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is £3.99 (approx. 6 USD)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Confetti nails!

This nail polish combo is probably not for everyone... I personally think it's weird but pretty, some might just think it's pretty weird. Oh well, I like it! I've always had a thing for the ugly-sexy things in life... haha ;)

I love this glitter polish, although I wish there was more glitter in it. I could of course have added more coats, but I don't have my Seche Vite with me and it'd take forever to dry without it. I think I'm gonna try the glitter polish over the pink color from duo nail polish (below) next time I do my nails, I bet that will look really cute!

What's your favorite glitter nail polish?

H&M Duo Nail Polish in Dusty Nails

H&M Nail Polish in Confetti

H&M Vivid Eyeshadows

I went to H&M last week, and they had quite a few things on sale. So I picked up this 4-in-1 eyeshadow called Vivid Eyeshadows for 20SEK, which is pretty damn cheap! It's quite big (the packaging is the same as their standard blush packaging), so I thought if the quality is nice, it's really good value for money.

I usually don't buy makeup at H&M. Last time I did I was quite disappointed, but that was in the early 2000s so things could have changed since. 

Now, you guys probably know that I'm not the biggest fan of blue eyeshadow, but I quite like this one. I think it'll be pretty as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral look. I haven't tried that yet, but I have worn the shadows. I wore them over my Urban Decay Primer Potion, as usual, and the staying power was pretty impressive. I usually don't have a problem with creasing, but I kind of expected some creasing with these considering that I was so disappointed with the last H&M eyeshadows I tried. I'm glad these proved me wrong :)

The pigmentation of these shadows is okay. It's definitely not great, but considering how cheap they were, I can't really complain. As with all eyeshadows, the color payoff is a lot better over a white base. You will need a white base if you want these colors to pop.

These eyeshadows are definitely better than the other ones I've tried by H&M, so there has been some improvement over the past 10 years, but I still wouldn't recommend these shadows (unless you're on a budget and really can't spend more money on makeup). You can get samples of similar colors from many indie companies, for example BFTE, that will have a lot better color payoff and still be pretty cheap. That's my recommendation ;)

H&M Vivid Eyeshadows

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Holy grail hair treatment!

I can honestly say that I've found a holy grail hair treatment - the Skafe Keramax Carga de Queratina. It's the first keratin treatment I've tried, and I am in love! (Click here to watch my video about this.)

After using the products below, my hair feels amazing! It feels moisturized, soft and very smooth, and it looks so much better. Just take a look at the before and after pictures below and see for yourself ;)

The products:

Before the treatment:

Before: blow-dried, indoor lighting

Before: blow-dried, outdoor lighting

During the treatment:

Apply the treatment to clean, towel-dried hair

Leave it on for 10 minutes 

The results:

After: blow-dried, indoor lighting

After: blow-dried, outdoor lighting

♥ Wash your hair using the salt-free Dynasty shampoo
♥ Dry your hair with a towel
♥ Apply the Skafe Keramax keratin treatment to your hair, strand by strand, without touching the scalp
♥ Put on a thermal cap and leave it on for 10 minutes
♥ Comb out any excess product OR rinse (I chose to rinse)
♥ Blow-dry your hair
♥ Leave your hair like it is for 24 - 48 hours (= don't wash it or put it up in a pony tail)
♥ Wash your hair with the Dynasty shampoo, and then apply the Dynasty Ultra Hydrating Mask
♥ Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then rinse
♥ Style your hair as normal!

Where to buy:


If you have any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them :)