Thursday, March 28, 2013

Light blue eyes...

I found this picture on my memory card today. It was taken a long time ago (I can tell just by looking at my eyebrows - they were a lot thinner back then!) and unfortunately, I can't remember which eyeshadows I used, but they make the color of my eyes look so light! It's cool how makeup can make your eyes appear lighter or darker, bigger or smaller... you name it, makeup can do it ;)

I love it.


  1. Hi, Sandra! Are you not making more videos on youtube? Just checking out. I hope you are doing okay. : ) X

    1. Hi! I really hope I will be filming new videos soon! (I am preparing for it.) I've just had a lot of things outside of YouTube to focus on this past year, but I still love YouTube and hope I'll be able to get back to uploading regularly. Thanks for checking with me <3 X