Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why I will never shop at again

I do a lot of online shopping - mostly because I can buy things online than I can't buy where I live. Most of the time it works out just fine, but every once in a while something goes wrong - the entire package might get lost, a product in the package might be missing or damaged, etc. In my experience, when something like that happens, companies are usually willing to do everything they can to help you. Especially if you're a loyal customer that has ordered from them more than once. However, I have recently come across a web shop whose customer service is so bad that I've decided to never buy anything from them again.

The company I'm talking about is Beautyjoint. Now, this started out as a minor problem that could have been resolved very easily, but unfortunately Beautyjoint decided to make it more difficult than it had to be...

Basically, I ordered and paid for four NYX lipliner pencils from them, but they only sent me three. I contacted them as soon as I noticed that one of the products was missing, and politely asked them if they could send me the missing product. Beautyjoint then answered:

I then replied that I don't think I should have to buy more products from them in order for them to send me a product they should already have sent me, and again asked them to please send me the missing product.

Beautyjoint ignored my request and instead send me a refund for the product ($1.75), but the problem is that shipping costs a lot more than the actual product. So if I would use the money from the refund to buy the product again, I would end up losing money.

I tried to explain to them that all I wanted was the product and asked them why they can't just send it to me. I mean, it's hardly my fault that they forgot to include it the first time - they should make up for the mistake they made. 

And do you know what they said? Nothing! They won't even tell me why they refuse to send me the missing product. It's been days now and, apparently, they're just ignoring my question.

Please understand that this is not about that lipliner pencil, I can live without that, believe me. This is about the poor customer service that Beautyjoint provides. They will not send me the product I have paid for, unless I place a new order with them, and they won't tell me why. And the refund they gave me won't even cover half of what it would cost me to buy it from them again.

I also want to add that this isn't the first time I've ordered from them. I've been a loyal customer of theirs up to this point, and if this is how they treat their loyal customers, I sure don't want anything to do with them.


  1. Nej vad tråkigt, det var verkligen inte rätt gjort av de.

  2. ew that's terrible! I can't believe it :( and their prices are so inexpensive too.

  3. I found this page looking for reviews on beauty joint. I had a problem with items arriving not full and used looking and rude cs as well. I will add a link to this page when I post about it on my blog. Thanks!

  4. I totally agree, they suck. Same thing happened to me recently and I am on Paypal dispute.Plus they are VERY rude.

  5. Hey, when you ordered to an International address, was your billing and shipping address the same? Am planning to order from Cherry culture but am confused about the whole billing and shipping address being the same? My addresses are different? What should I do?

    1. With Cherry Culture, I just choose the "Check out with PayPal" option, so I don't have to fill in any addess. However, for most people, the shipping and billing address is the same address. If your shipping address is different from your billing address, then there is usually possible to enter two different addresses. I'm sorry if I've misunderstood your question, I'm not sure I know what you mean. I've never had a problem with anything address-related. :)

  6. Thanks for spreading the word, I just wanna say something about beautyjoint. DO NOT order from that website if you are international. I had quite a horrible experience, spent over 100 dollars on a particular shipment, never received my products and they didn't care. I am aware that they state they are not responsible for International orders, but I also knew of quite a few cases they did refund the credit. It just bothers me that they don't treat everyone equally because they only offered me 25% and in store credit meaning I had to make yet another order and pay more shipping. There are many bad experiences on the net about this. I say: Be Warned. Terrible.