Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall inspired look using Glamour Doll Eyes

I got two packages from Glamour Doll Eyes yesterday, containing a whole lot of eyeshadow samples. Most of them are for me, but I bought some for my mom as well (hers are not included in the list below though). I love it when you're able to buy samples and make sure you like the product before buying the full size, especially since you don't actually get to see the product when you're shopping online. I had already tried a few of GDE's eyeshadows, and those were all amazing so I had pretty high hopes for the ones I got this time ;)

The first time I ordered things from GDE I chose to buy some samples jars, but this time I went for the sample baggies instead since they're cheaper. 

These are the colours I have samples of so far:
♥ Angel Wings
♥ Love Affair
♥ Graves in May
♥ Victorian
♥ Sarcasm
♥ Martini Olive
♥ Jailbreak (free sample)
♥ Oddity (free sample)
♥ Bare Naked 
♥ Chocoholic
♥ Cloud Coverage
♥ DinoSpotz 
♥ Girlfriend Sweater
♥ He Loves Me Not
♥ Infectious 
♥ Lovers Lane
♥ Prankster
♥ Secretive
♥ Tabloid
♥ The Perfect Cure
♥ Boy Crazy (free sample)
♥ Gold Digger (free sample)

I was playing around with some of the shadows today and I really like the look I created with them. It's inspired by fall - I love fall colours! Also, I love how well these shadows stay on... this picture was taken about 10 hours after I applied my makeup, and I didn't do any touch-ups :)

The colours I used

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