Wednesday, October 5, 2011

BFTE Cosmetics: first impressions & swatches!

I'm really getting into indie makeup these days. I barely even knew that indie cosmetics companies existed until quite recently (well, I knew they existed, but I didn't know of any particular ones). Now, however, I have found plenty of indie companies, and I have ordered things from... *clears throat*... let's just say that I've ordered far too much makeup recently ;)

So, that means that I have a whole lot of blog posts and videos about lesser known brands coming up. And yes, I am incredibly excited about it!

Okay, now I'm gonna move on to what this post is actually about: BFTE Cosmetics. I placed my order on the 22nd of September, and received the package on the 3rd of October, which isn't bad at all. So I'm pleased with the TAT.

I ordered a whole lot of things from BFTE: 12 eyeshadow samples, one full size eyeshadow, one highlighter sample and one foundation sample. They also included a sample of their Dragon Slayer eyeshadow, which I thought was really nice of them!

I will swatch all of the eyeshadows eventually, but I'm gonna start off with the following six:

From left - right: Beautiful, Canyon & Dusty Rose

From left - right: Spring Fever, Whisper & Wicked

From left - right: Beautiful, Canyon, Dusty Rose, Spring Fever, Whisper & Wicked

This is how BFTE describes these colours on their website:

Beautiful: "Don't be fooled with how this butter yellow color looks in the pot. Applied wet an interesting and unique pink duo pops out, and yes, it's beautiful."

Canyon: "Light oyster-beige with gold mirco shimmer that was part of our new Velvet Collection. This color is designed to go on silky smooth and feel like velvet."

Dusty Rose: "Smooth metallic Rose Gold."

Spring Fever: "Light pink with orange duochrome."

Whisper: "Sheer creamy beige with a violet duo chrome."

Wicked: "Purple with green duotone."

As you can see, four of these six eyeshadows are duochromes, or Duo Tones as BFTE calls them. I have developed a slight obsession with duochrome eyeshadows, so I was extra excited to try those four ones. Luckily, they're all gorgeous! So are the regular, non-duochrome, shadows. 

These eyeshadows are all incredibly smooth in texture, and five of them went on evenly straight away (Spring Fever did not). I can't put my finger on how Spring Fever is different from the others, but for some reason it went on a little bit streaky, even though I tried my best to make the colour look perfectly even. Perhaps it was only a one time thing, but it is my first impression nonetheless, and I will therefore mention it in this blog post. The colour of it is absolutely stunning though, so it will hardly stop me from using it ;)

I will be back with more swatches of BFTE shadows, and full reviews of them once I've worn them enough. Please let me know if you've tried anything by BFTE, and if so, what do you think of it?

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