Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Confetti nails!

This nail polish combo is probably not for everyone... I personally think it's weird but pretty, some might just think it's pretty weird. Oh well, I like it! I've always had a thing for the ugly-sexy things in life... haha ;)

I love this glitter polish, although I wish there was more glitter in it. I could of course have added more coats, but I don't have my Seche Vite with me and it'd take forever to dry without it. I think I'm gonna try the glitter polish over the pink color from duo nail polish (below) next time I do my nails, I bet that will look really cute!

What's your favorite glitter nail polish?

H&M Duo Nail Polish in Dusty Nails

H&M Nail Polish in Confetti


  1. It's gorgeous! It's definitely something I would wear. I have a similar glitter polish and love it!
    <3 Amber