Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super affordable makeup haul! W7 from East End Cosmetics

Some of you may already know that I buy almost all my drugstore makeup from East End Cosmetics. I'm familiar with most of the brands they sell, but one brand I didn't recognize was W7. I had never even heard of it before, which I thought was strange... I mean, I've heard of most makeup brands even if I haven't tried them. 

Anyway, I was on the hunt for a good mascara, and I decided to try their Flirty Eyes mascara, mostly because it's cheap but also because I really like the packaging. So, I bought it, tried it, and guess what? It's the best mascara I've ever tried! And I've tried a lot of mascaras... I've pretty much tried everything from Dior's and LancĂ´me's best sellers to Maybelline Great Lash. And let me tell you, this beats Diorshow in a heartbeat. 

I've used the W7 Flirty Eyes mascara almost every time I've done my makeup since January. During this time, I got more and more interested in the brand, and I recently decided to try some more of their products. I placed an order with East End Cosmetics last week, and the package arrived yesterday. I haven't had the time to try all of the products yet, but I thought I'd show you what I got:

Doesn't this remind you of Benefit's Dandelion? ;)

This reminds me of Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Radiant Blush, although the packaging is different...

W7 Matte Shadow Perfection in Caramel (left) and Tawny (right) (£1.34 each)

Tawny (right) happens to be a perfect dupe for MAC's Omega, which I always use to fill in my brows

Compared to MAC eyeshadows, these W7 ones are huge! 1.5g vs 3.5g

Both Caramel and Tawny are very well pigmented. However, only Tawny is completely matte. Caramel has a slight sheen to it. Not that I mind, but I thought I'd mention it since they are supposed to be matte.

This glitter gel is amazing! It's so sparkly and pretty, easy to apply, and surprisingly enough it's rub proof. Once it has dried, the glitter is not going anywhere. Also, the tube contains a very generous amount of product: 12g (approx. 0.4oz). Let's just say that I won't run out of this any time soon ;)

The primer appears white but goes on very sheer

I do have a little complaint about this order - I ordered the Celebrity Secrets Eye Palette in 02 (brown shadows), but they sent me 01 (gray shadows). I've sent them an email about it, and I hope they'll send me the right product as soon as possible. Naturally, I want the palette I ordered and paid for. This looks really nice as well though, don't you think?

I bought this makeup at:
♥ Delivery within the UK is £1.95
♥ Delivery within Europe is £2.70
♥ Delivery to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is £3.99 (approx. 6 USD)


  1. Wow! Looks awesome! I love the look of the mascara wand.

  2. That blush is one of my favourites. Such a gorgeous everday colour.

  3. that glitter gel looks really pretty. I have a UD glitter liner that looks like that, can't remember the name though

  4. I bought lot of stuffs yesterday! Wonderful website