Sunday, November 20, 2011

Darling Girl Cosmetics swatches!

I have finally swatched all of my Darling Girl samples, and I am so excited to show you these gorgeous shadows! Well, eleven of them are eyeshadows, and one's a blush ;)

Darling Girl Cosmetics is one of my absolute favorite makeup companies - their products are amazing, and the owner, Susan, is so sweet and helpful. I've ordered from her several times already, and I will definitely be getting more of her makeup. I seriously love every single Darling Girl product I own.

I would describe Susan's makeup as wearable with a twist. She somehow manages to make even the most neutral shades anything but boring. Her Jeweled Taupe shadow might just be the most beautiful taupe I've ever seen - and that says a lot considering that I'm pretty much obsessed with taupes. As usual, the pictures don't do the eyeshadows justice - they are so much more complex in real life! You really need to see them to understand just how beautiful they are ♥

I've swatched these shadows dry over e.l.f.'s Mineral Eyeshadow Primer, and I've borrowed the color descriptions from Darling Girl Cosmetics' website.

From left - right: Babylon, Liberty & Jeweled Taupe

  • Babylon is a gorgeous pinkish bronze taupe pearl.
  • Liberty is is a light golden tan luster.
  • Jeweled Taupe is an amazing metallic bronzey taupe with amazing multi-colored shimmers like tiny little jewels ribbon-ed through it.

From left - right: Mercurial, Shangri-la & Chaos

  • Mercurial is a plummy bronze taupe.
  • Shangri-la is a shimmering plummy brown with iridescent multi dimensional shimmers.
  • Chaos is a coppery brown pearl with purple undertones and subtle blue shimmers.

From left - right: Rainbow Brite, Tragic Romance & Dark Ember

  • Rainbow Brite is a pale baby pink with red shift and a rainbow of star sprinkles.
  • Tragic Romance is a gorgeous warm purple with loads of gold interference.
  • Dark Ember is a deep metallic smoked burgundy with flashes of pink shimmer and a coppery rubdown.

From left - right: Uprising, Sparklers at Dusk & Orange You Glad To See Me? (blush)


  1. You do such lovely neat swatches. :) Thanks so much ♥♥

  2. I love uprising. I cannot wait to get my package so I can use it :)

  3. I'm still waiting to receive my first order from DG, but this has me convinced I have to get back on her site right away and get that Jeweled Taupe!

  4. Ok I think hands down you have the nicest swatches I have ever seen! I love the neutral colors. Is this line only available overseas?

  5. Pixiemama5000: Thank you so much! And no, Darling Girl is based in the US (as are the majority of the brands I buy from) :D