Thursday, November 10, 2011

The New New York Collection by Black Rose Minerals

Black Rose Minerals recently released a collection of eyeshadows inspired by Futurama characters. The collection is called The New New York Collection, and contains 8 eyeshadows - and I purchased samples of the entire collection for only $4.80!

Now, I usually don't go for bright eyeshadows, but I must say that I couldn't be more impressed with the ones in this collections! The colors are beautiful, and I love the texture and finish of these shadows. Unlike the BBC shadows in my previous post, these are incredibly easy to work with. They pretty much go on like butter.

The samples baggies I got

Fry & Zoidberg

Fry & Zoidberg in different lighting

Amy & Leela

Amy & Leela in different lighting

Scruffy & Bender

Scruffy & Bender in different lighting

Farnsworth & Hermes

Farnsworth & Hermes in different lighting

I'm not surprised that I love these; I love every single one of Rosa's eyeshadows (the ones I've tried so far). I'm generally not a fan of blue eyeshadows (well, I'm generally not a fan of anything blue since it's my least favorite color), but I really like my blue Black Rose Minerals shadows. I don't know what it is about her shadows, but I seriously can't point out a single flaw in any one of them. They're amazing. 


  1. you do great swatches!
    brm makes pretty and great eyeshadows. i've been really impressed with them and keep going back.

  2. Zoidberg and Scruffy <3, the rest doesn't really look interesting to me

  3. Your swatches are great. I just love squares :D How do you get them to be so neat?

    My collection of this arrived the other day, and I'm loving Zoidberg and Farnsworth so much.

  4. personellietea: Thank you! I create little squares with tape before I swatch the shadows, and then just remove the tape --> perfect swatches :D

  5. Thanks for the beautiful swatches. Wow...the eyeshadow goes on like butter, you made me want to try them out.