Saturday, August 13, 2011

Review: Calvin Klein Intense Eyeshadow in Brown Velvet

Brown Velvet is the first makeup product I ever tried by Calvin Klein. I've been a fan of their perfumes for years, but didn't know about their makeup until quite recently. Being the makeup junkie that I am, of course I had to try it...

So far, I have tried two different makeup products by Calvin Klein - their Electric Edge Liquid Eyeliner Pen, and this eyeshadow, and I really like both of them! 

I didn't really have high expectations for this eyeshadow, because I hadn't heard anyone talk about it, but I must say that I am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of it. Brown Velvet is definitely one of the most pigmented eyeshadows I own, and I love the colour! I'm a big fan of neutrals... if you have watched my videos on youtube, you'll know how much I love my UD Naked palette, for example. And this eyeshadow is just as good as the eyeshadows in that palette. However, Calvin Klein eyeshadows are a lot cheaper than the ones Urban Decay, which is always a plus ;)

This is one of my favourite ways to wear Brown Velvet:

I'm wearing Modelette by Mac on my lid, and Brown Velvet in my crease

Also, the packaging of this eyeshadow is absolutely gorgeous! All in all, this is a great eyeshadow. I honestly can't find anything wrong with it; it's incredibly well pigmented and easy to work with, the packaging is beautiful, and, compared to other eyeshadows of the same quality, it's not expensive at all. I paid £2.99 for mine, and I bought it online, at I haven't seen Calvin Klein makeup in stores here in Sweden, but I do believe that it's sold in some stores in the US.

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  1. What a gorgeous color! You look beautiful! :)